Quick FAQ for BirthdayBot

BirthdayBot keeps track of birthdays in your company.
If you have a question, or wanna know more about it - you've come to the right place!
Who's BirthdayBot?

Birthday Bot is an app designed for Slack messenger that enables you to integrate all the data about birthdays within you team and greet your colleagues right in their special day.

The service spares you the trouble of filling any forms. It does the job itself. Just add the bot to Slack and rest assured you won’t miss the date and will have enough time to come up with a beautiful gift.

If you can’t find the right words, Birthday Bot will do it for you. It abounds with various birthday wishes and funny GIFs, so you can rely on service embedded in your Slack channel.

Use Birthday Bot and liven up your corporate life.

How do I add BirthdayBot to my team?

It's actually pretty simple. Just click the big "Add to Slack" button!

What about the pricing?

BirthdayBot is free to use. Awesome, right?

How can I talk with BirthdayBot?

The bot will actually manage most of the important stuff himself. He collects a list of birthdays automatically, reminds about upcoming birthdays automatically and congratulates people automatically as well.

However, if you wanna know when is the next celebration in your team or if you forgot when your friend has a birthday - just send bot a DM with the text help, and he will be there for you.

How does the bot congratulate people?

BirthdayBot will send a birthday congratulation message in the channel, specified by bot admins. It's possible to change the channel used for congratulations by using set channel command.

Bot has a large and constantly growing pool of different congratulations to select from.

We have a big team, and I receive too many birthday reminders. What I can do about that?

For a bigger teams with more than a hundred people, receiving multiple notifications before each birthday, can become a bit distractive. For such cases, we provide our users with the option to change the frequency of reminders by using the manage reminders command.

For example, it's possible to enable only a day-before notifications about upcoming birthdays, or just a week ahead notifications.

I no longer want BirthdayBot to know my birthday. How can I do that?

If you've changed your mind for whatever reason and don't want anyone to know your birthday, just send a message to Birthdaybot: forget my bday.

Or, if you are the admin of BirthdayBot, you can type forget @joe bday and our bot will delete birthday of @joe from his list!

Haven't found what you've been looking for?
Just drop us a line at support@birthdaybot.io and we'll be there to help!