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BirthdayBot automatically collects team's birthdays and anniversaries. Easy setup, convenient usage of channels, flexible settings and more!

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Be notified

BirthdayBot will notify you before each birthday. Nothing annoying, just a gentle reminder in DMs so you send your wishes and maybe prepare a present for your colleague.

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Be notified

BirthdayBot will notify you before each birthday. Nothing annoying, just a gentle reminder in DMs so you send your wishes and maybe prepare a present for your colleague.

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BirthdayBot will post a congratulation message in the channel when it's someone's special day so it's easy for the team to join the celebration and make everyone feel special.

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Over 70000+ offices are celebrating with BirthdayBot

Why BirthdayBot is so good?

Easy import of birthdays and anniversaries

Already know everyone's birthdays and/or hire dates? Great news - just use few quick steps to import the dates and BithdayBot is all set to start the celebrations!

Get an office party while everyone's at their homes

BirthdayBot brings the team together to celebrate special dates in your workspace. Make your team more engaged and build stronger personal connections.

Congratulation helper for when you're out of words

BirthdayBot can help you quickly compose warm messages using the templates with GIFs and send it to your colleagues!

Customizable congratulation packs

BirthdayBot comes with a rich collection of wishes that are posted in the team chat. But also you can get creative and add custom packs to enjoy BirthdayBot even more!

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Our users love what we do
Our users love what we do

Leda Pirinova

One of our main goals has always been to build and maintain the good relationships between team members. This is a difficult task though when you have employees on almost every continent in the world.

BirthdayBot brings us closer together, even if it’s on Slack, and definitely gives you the sense of being part of a real team on your special day.

Will Wade
Ace Center

With the help of BirthdayBot people remember each others birthdays and nobody is forgotten! Its fun – the gifs are good and its easy to manage.

It’s plain and simple and does what it says on the tin.

Kevin Jackson
FTR | Transportation Intelligence

We have a small staff, only about 23 of us total, and so we like to make sure to keep on top of things like this. BirthdayBot was incredibly easy to set up and has been very helpful in reminding everyone about upcoming birthdays.

There is a higher level of engagement between staff members and it has lead to better team cohesion.

Lora Langer

For our team, a global team, the birthday bot was a great reminder tool for us. It is all too easy to feel pretty disconnected on a personal level when we have team members in Italy, Mexico, Brazil and India, so the Birthday Bot was a fun way to interact with each other on a non-work level.

German Franciulli

BirthdayBot has been extremely helpful to keep track of all birthdays within our fast-growing startup.

As a distributed team, we like to send each team member a cake or breakfast basket to celebrate these special occasions, wherever they are. BirthdayBot helps us plan ahead and the birthday celebrations in Slack are really fun.

Antoine Choimet

Everybody at Valeuriad is aware of any future birthday with a private message, so in result, it brings happiness when BirthdayBot posts a fun message on the channel and everybody wishes a happy birthday to the colleague.

Vedran Lucic

We installed BirthdayBot, I don’t need to remember any of birthdays as there are too many birthdays in our team. We like that people can add just month/day, without year.

This app is plain and simple. It works!

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