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Celebrating Anytime, Anywhere, Together:
Automated Birthday and Work Anniversary Celebrations for Remote Teams

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BirthdayBot for Slack automatically collects your team’s birthdays and work anniversaries. Easy setup, bulk import your team’s birthdays, flexible settings, and more!

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🔔 Be notified

BirthdayBot keeps you in the loop with gentle, non-intrusive reminders before each birthday. It gives you plenty of time to draft a heartfelt wish, or even arrange a surprise gift for your teammate!

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🎉 Celebrate

BirthdayBot takes charge of spreading cheer and posting festive messages in the channel for everyone’s special days. It’s a breeze for the team to join in, amplifying your celebrations, and ensuring everyone feels valued and connected.

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Why Choose BirthdayBot?

Quick and easy import of birthdays and work anniversaries

Do you have everyone’s birthdays and hire dates on hand? Perfect! A few simple steps, and BirthdayBot is ready to kickstart the festivities!

Congratulatory Assistant for your perfect message

Struggling to find the right words? Let BirthdayBot assist you in crafting warm, personalized messages complete with fun GIFs to send to your colleagues!

Celebration packs tailored
to your style

BirthdayBot offers a diverse collection of wishes for your team celebrations. Feeling creative? Craft your own custom packs and add a personal touch to your BirthdayBot experience!

Our users love what we do

    • For our team, a global team, BirthdayBot was a great reminder tool for us. It is too easy to feel disconnected on a personal level when we have team members in Italy, Mexico, Brazil and India, so BirthdayBot was a fun way to interact with each other on a non-work level.

      Lora Langer

    • We installed BirthdayBot, and now I don’t need to remember any birthdays as there are too many birthdays in our team. We like that people can add just month/day, without year.

      This app is plain and simple. It works!

      Vedran Lucic

    • Everybody at Valeuriad is aware of any future birthday with a private message, so in result, it brings happiness when BirthdayBot posts a fun message on the channel and everybody wishes a happy birthday to the colleague.

      Antoine Choimet

    • One of our main goals has always been to build and maintain the good relationships between team members. This is a difficult task though when you have employees on almost every continent in the world.

      BirthdayBot brings us closer together, even if it’s on Slack, and definitely gives you the sense of being part of a real team on your special day.

      Leda Pirinova

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