How to create a birthday reminder calendar at work

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No need to say that a well-organized birthday and anniversary calendar can enhance employee morale, promote team bonding, and create a happy and inclusive work environment. Here’s how you can set up a birthday reminder calendar at work, both manually and with the help of automation tools like BirthdayBot for Slack.


Manually setting up a Birthday Reminder Calendar


Creating a birthday calendar for your workplace manually involves a few simple steps. Here’s how to get started:


1. Gather dates. Begin by collecting birthday and work anniversary dates from all employees through a simple form or survey. You can also search for spreadsheets in the database. Ensure your team that this information will be used solely for celebration purposes.


2. Create the calendar. Use tools like Excel or Google Sheets to create a calendar. Input all the gathered dates, marking birthdays and anniversaries clearly. You can also use a shared digital calendar, like Google Calendar, to keep everyone in the loop.


3. Set reminders. Manually set reminders a week or a few days before each event. This ensures you have ample time to prepare and plan a celebration or a simple acknowledgment.


4. Update regularly. Ensure the calendar is regularly updated with new hires and any changes in the team.


While a manual calendar can be a free and easy way, it requires some time and continuous effort to maintain. Moreover, it does not help you to send team reminders and does not create any nice celebration messages. Automation can significantly simplify this process.


Using Slack? Automate with BirthdayBot, the ultimate employee Birthday Reminder Software


BirthdayBot for Slack is a powerful app designed to streamline this process, making it an essential tool for HR departments. In addition to collecting and regularly updating birthdays, it helps configure personal reminders for every team member, add Friends/Family birthdays, and send a fun and nice celebration message to a public channel on that very day! 


Here’s how BirthdayBot can help you effortlessly manage birthdays and anniversaries in your workplace.

How to keep track of employee birthdays and workiversaries


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1. Smart import


BirthdayBot supports smart import from existing spreadsheets like Excel or Google Sheets. If you have a document containing employee emails and their birthdays (day and month are enough), you can simply upload it to BirthdayBot.


2. Personal concierge service


If you’re not comfortable handling the import yourself, you can simply send your spreadsheet to the BirthdayBot personal concierge. They’ll handle the import for you, ensuring all data is correctly integrated.


3. Automated direct messages


BirthdayBot can automatically ask employees for their birthday dates via direct messages on Slack. This ensures that new dates are continuously added without manual effort.


4. Manual entry option


For those who prefer or need to add dates manually, BirthdayBot offers a straightforward manual entry option.


What’s more: automating celebrations and reminders


Once the dates are imported, BirthdayBot sends birthday and anniversary reminders. Here’s how it enhances your workplace celebrations:


Automated reminders: BirthdayBot sends reminders to relevant team members or channels ahead of time, ensuring you never miss an important date. This helps in planning celebrations or sending personalized messages.

Celebration announcements: On the day of the event, BirthdayBot can post a celebratory message in a designated Slack channel, letting everyone know about the birthday or work anniversary. The content is available in multiple languages and styles. 

Personalized messages: You can customize the birthday celebration messages to make them more personal and meaningful, enhancing the celebratory atmosphere.


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Birthday and anniversary calendar: seamless integration for new employees


For new hires, BirthdayBot simplifies the process even further:


Automatic hire date addition: When a new user is added to your Slack workspace, BirthdayBot automatically adds their hire date. This feature ensures that work anniversaries are tracked from day one without any extra effort from HR.


Key takeaways: enhance your workplace with BirthdayBot for Slack


Using BirthdayBot for Slack transforms the way you manage employee birthdays and work anniversaries. 


Here are 4 reasons why BirthdayBot is probably the best birthday and anniversary reminder app out there:


One. You automate the collection, tracking, and celebration of birthdays and anniversaries, saving valuable time and reducing manual errors.


Two. Employees are more engaged, while regularly acknowledging and celebrating important dates fosters a positive and engaging workplace culture.


Three. Reminders and celebration messages are easily tailored to fit your company’s tone and style, making each celebration unique and memorable.


Four. BirthdayBot is suitable for teams of all sizes, growing with your organization and ensuring no one’s special day is overlooked.


Incorporating a birthday reminder service like BirthdayBot into your workplace ensures that no birthday or work anniversary goes unnoticed, making every employee feel valued and appreciated. Try BirthdayBot for Slack today and revolutionize how your team celebrates important milestones.



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