ūüéČIntroducing group gifting with BirthdayBot!

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Ever wondered how employee gift card giving can be effortless and efficient? Enter the streamlined process powered by technology! We're excited to unveil a new feature that adds even more joy to team celebrations: Group Gifting! 

Simplify P2P employee gift-giving with group gift cards


  • Seamless contributions: Enable team members to contribute any amount towards a collective gift. It's simple, inclusive, and flexible.
  • Amplify the celebration: Contributions are pooled to offer a substantial gift card from a gift card marketplace with a range of options around the globe!
  • Personal touch & team spirit: Each team member can add a personal message, turning the gift into a collection of warm wishes and shared memories.

ūüĒīNEW! USA and 25+ countries worldwide

Recently we expanded the geo, now you need to select the country of the birthday person to customize the list of brands and stores offering their gift cards. The list of countries is dynamic and available in the BirthdayBot menu (as you hit the 'Contribute to a gift card' button). 

How can I send a virtual gift card via Slack? 


In a super simple and robo-managed way!


Contributions made easy: When a team member's birthday is upcoming, BirthdayBot BirthdayBot initiates contact with the birthday person seeking their preference on receiving a gift card from their colleagues. 


Coworkers can participate in funding a gift card by clicking the button 'Contribute to a gift card'. It appears under the congratulatory message on the Celebration Channel.



For those, who prefer planning, the button is also available in private reminders.



These buttons can be managed by BirthdayBot admins and Celebration Channel owners.


The button is active 7 hours after the public birthday celebration message.

Using the feature is optional: team members who wish to participate can effortlessly contribute a custom amount of money towards a collective gift. Also, they may want to add a congratulatory message.


group gift card giving feature in slack for employees teammates coworkers


ūüí°Super tip: Make sure you enable the reminders not to miss a special day of your work bestie! 


Pooling funds: All the contributions are pooled together and the total net amount is sent to a comprehensive gift card marketplace.


Recipient experience: The birthday individual receives heartfelt wishes from their team members, alongside a link to their e-wallet within the gift card marketplace. 


send a gift card of their choice to your colleague

It allows them to use the pooled funds to spend on the chosen brand (or even multiple ones) within the country selected.

If they desire, make a charitable donation — a gesture that spreads joy beyond the recipientūüíĖ

How to enable the gift card feature in BirthdayBot? 


It is enabled by defaultūüėČ

Go to BirthdayBot Home and Manage the feature from there:


Or manage it from the Celebration Channel settings: 



‚ĚĒHave questions? 

Send them via the hovering Help button in the lower right corner. 



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