Work anniversary celebration in style: BirthdayBot's new automated anniversary cards!

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Work anniversaries create these moments for building more vital team spirit. Organize a small workiversary celebration with a personalized touch - with BirthdayBot, a birthday and anniversary reminder app for Slack.

What we have for work anniversaries


We’ve just unleashed a wave of exciting new features, designed to make every work anniversary celebration an unforgettable experience. 


In this article, let us explain how BirthdayBot's latest enhancements are set to redefine the way you can commemorate work anniversaries, express your gratitude, and make gifts. So get ready to unlock the potential of automation, creativity, and heartfelt appreciation – all in the form of automated anniversary cards. Let the festivities begin!

Ready-to-use automated anniversary card pack


Introducing the 🍹Fizzy pack for Anniversaries by BirthdayBot, your go-to solution for automated workiversary cards that are guaranteed to bring a burst of joy and laughter to any celebration.


This default bundle is crafted with a casual, pun-filled flair, ensuring that each card radiates a lighthearted and playful vibe. Inside the Fizzy pack, you'll find a collection of 30 nice congratulatory texts and GIFs, carefully curated to suit a variety of personalities and work environments. 

customized automated anniversary cards in birthdaybot for slack


From witty one-liners to animated surprises, this pack has it all, ready to infuse your work anniversary celebrations with a fizzing dose of fun. Get ready to dazzle and delight as you unveil the vibrant world of automated anniversary cards!

Custom anniversary cards with flexible settings

Now you have the power to tailor your anniversary celebrations to perfection. By creating your very own anniversary pack, you can add a personal touch that resonates with each team member's journey within the company. 


β­• Utilize dynamic tags like {user} to mention the teammate, making each card feel uniquely addressed to them. 

β­• Capture the significance of their tenure with the company by incorporating the {years} tag, which automatically mentions the number of years they've dedicated to the organization. 

β­• Want to include an image to add visual flair? You can do that too! 


For an extra touch of customization, you can even link the card text to the exact anniversary year, making each message truly memorable. 




For example, a card for the 1st work anniversary:

“Happy 1-Year Workiversary, {user}! πŸŽ‰ Congrats on reaching this milestone - we hope that {years} year at our company is just the beginning! As a thank you, we're gifting you a Bluetooth speaker. Keep up the great work! 🎁”



And a different one for the 10th anniversary:

“Happy 10-Year Workiversary, {user}! πŸŽ‰ Congratulations on {years} years of excellence! To celebrate, we're gifting you a super cool limited-series scooter. Thank you for your invaluable contributions over the entire decade. Here's to many more years of success! πŸ₯³”



So you got the idea;)


Make sure you plan and create messages for every year of anniversary (like, create 12 celebration messages even if your company is only 9 years old this year - not to miss a proper celebration message for your most loyal teammates!)

Why choose BirthdayBot for automated work anniversary messages? 


With the BirthdayBot's seamless automation and smart planning, you can effortlessly execute your anniversary celebration plan, ensuring that every card reaches the right person at the right time. 


Delegate the content preparation to the bot or create it on your own. Add fancy images or sleek branded cards, announce gifts, or share your appreciation and gratitude with your custom card packs! 


We know how to celebrate work anniversary virtually with style and no extra effort with almost limitless possibilities of custom anniversary packs by BirthdayBot!


The feature is available for BirthdayBot Standard and BirthdayBot Pro subscribers only. 


Explore it for free with a 30-day trial!



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