BirthdayBot is the most downloaded birthday bot for Slack: used by 40,000+ workspaces

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You can hear these high-five claps in our office: we celebrate team No. 40 001 who joined the list of our active users. 

In this text, we’d love to respond to a few popular questions about BirthdayBot. Let’s go!

1. Why try Slack BirthdayBot?


- It automates workspace birthday and work anniversary reminders 
- Allows creating birthday teams to share a cake in the office or enjoy virtual congrats
- Announces birthdays and workiversaries in Slack channels
- It is super flexible and easily manageable - manage subscriptions in the birthday bot dashboard, choose celebration content, customize or mute it, and a lot more
- It has a forever free plan and 30 days of free trial!


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2. What are the Birthday bot commands?


Let us tell a story.

Once upon a time, Slack allowed BirthdayBot’s setup via commands only. Some users still love them and this is why they still exist.


You can go to the Messages tab and type Full List to get a complete list of available commands. Type them to the bot like in a friendly conversation and make it do whatever you want.

Here are a few examples of what you can do. 


- when is @username birthday - to check the bday of your Slack teammate

- show next bdays - to see upcoming birthdays

- mom bday is Jan 29 - to save a birthday of a friend or family and get reminders.

Did you know BirthdayBot can store and share your wishlist? 


- wishlist - to edit your wishlist

- wishlist of @user - to show wishlists of selected users

3. Well, aren’t the birthday bot commands too… retro?



Time flies, and we are continuously improving the product. Luckily, Slack allowed the creation of cool and interactive Home tabs for bots, and BirthdayBot didn’t miss this opportunity.


Now you can add or remove birthdays & anniversaries, create birthday teams, and select a pack of birthday cards in the app-like interface of the Home tab. It contains everything you need in a very friendly and intuitive way. However, the subscription details are still available on the Birthday Bot dashboard (because it’s more convenient)

Just give it a try ;)

4. How does BirthdayBot [actually] work? How to make BirthdayBot announce birthdays?


Messages in Slack channels can be fun! 

Our goal was to build one of the best birthday bots anyone had ever seen. 


So, we’ve been delivering a very delicate and flexible Slack app for birthdays and work anniversaries that helps in your corporate culture promotion, allows for improving employee engagement, and simply makes people feel valued on their special day. 


The bot works flexibly: It can either prompt your teammates to add birthdays on their own or allow admins to add them on their behalf.  For bulk uploads, you can use our convenient spreadsheet template to add your whole team at once or upload your own CSV file.


By the way, you can read more about how to use BirthdayBot Slack in the —> 


Getting Started Guide


- It announces your birthday in the Slack channel with some lovely words and some fancy images (unless you decide to keep your birthday private). Choose the congratulation style and language you want!  

- BirthdayBot assists in writing congratulatory DMs and reminds you about your work bestie’s birthday in advance - so you have some time to print a corporate party selfie with you two on a T-shirt or on a cake.

- It really cares about your wishlist (and is willing to share it with your colleagues).

- Birthday Slack bot helps employers and teammates share their appreciation on workiversaries and give kudos (and may even announce gifts!) 

- Birthday bot always appears on time: admins can set up birthday bot time zones, and deal with weekend birthdays (announce them later, earlier, or on the actual date).

- It can even help you give gifts to your teammates! 

5. Who is this guy from the BirthdayBot logo?


No idea. Ask our designer ;)

6. How to add BirthdayBot to my Slack workspace?


You can install BirthdayBot from the official Slack App Directory or from our website. All you need is to be signed in to your Slack workspace.



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