Why upgrade? Perks of BirthdayBot Standard and Pro

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The best thing about BirthdayBot is that it comes with a freemium business model and has a Free plan for birthday celebrations in teams under 30 people.

Let’s see what we have for the pickier public! 

With Slack BirthdayBot Standard and Pro, you can celebrate work anniversaries, unlock a treasure trove of celebration card packs in various styles and languages, use calendar sync for effortless planning, and so much more. You get charged for active users only and have 30 days of a free trial to make the right choice. 

Get ready to make every birthday extra special with these top perks, available exclusively for our valued subscribers. May the festivities begin!

Unlimited birthdays 

Celebrate the birthdays on the enterprise level or enable congratulations for separate teams in their local channels - it’s up to you. The key thing is that BirthdayBot premium plans remove any limits. 

Robust set of various style birthday card packs 

Do you want to delegate the congratulatory content creation to BirthdayBot? Great! 

Standard and Pro plan users get access to hundreds of ready-to-use congratulations within 3 birthday card packs: 


🌿Mild - a birthday pack full of nice wishes and stylish images

🍹Fizzy - a lively casual-style pack with funny GIFs

🌶️Spicy - cool and hilarious pack full of edgy GIFs and texts (while keeping it professional) 


Each of them is crafted with creativity and is ready to make your teammates smile. Just choose the matching celebration style, sit back, and enjoy😎


Didn’t find what you need? Feel free to create your own birthday card pack in a couple of clicks and fill it with custom messages.

Multiple languages

birthday celebrations in german spanish portuguese korean japanese


Make birthday wishes more personalized and meaningful across different cultures and languages, fostering connections in distributed teams!


For Pro plan users, birthday celebration card packs 🌿Mild, 🍹Fizzy, and 🌶️Spicy are available in multiple languages: 


- Spanish

- Portuguese (versions for Portugal and Brazil)

- German

- Korean

- Japanese


- any language can be combined with English in the 🍹Fizzy pack.

Multiple timezones

A must-have for distributed teams: subscribe to the Pro plan to organize birthdays and workiversaries in channels and set the time for celebrations and reminders according to the team’s timezone. 

Unlimited wishlists

Enable wishlists for your teammates and allow them to share their dreams and inspirations. For paid BirthdayBot plans, wishlists are available for teams of any size. 

Anniversary celebrations (with an automated collection of hire dates)

Meet work anniversary celebrations - the cherry on top of BirthdayBot Standard and Pro. Import hire dates in a convenient format or allow BirthdayBot to set hire dates on its own (by checking the first day of the Slack account) - and you’re ready to celebrate.

Stylish anniversary card pack or custom anniversary cards

Make use of our nice ready-to-use 🍹Fizzy Anniversary congratulatory pack with sparkling texts and GIFs or use our brand-new feature: custom anniversary cards

🤔How does it work? 


Option 1: Name your new pack and add there texts and links to images of your choice. Tag {user} and their number of {years} worked to make cards more personalized.


Option 2: For an extra level of personalization, you may want to link specific cards to a specific number of years worked in the company to be able to mention gifts or say special words to your employees.


For example,


“Happy 10-Year Workiversary, {user}! 🎉 To celebrate full speed, we're giving you a super cool limited-series scooter. Thank you for your awesome contributions over this decade. {year} years is only a start! Here's to many more years of success! 🥳”




Worth trying! 

Friends/Family birthdays 

All workspace members of the organization that owns a premium account can add the birthdays of their friends or family to their personal calendar and receive notifications. 

BirthdayBot Standard comes with 15 Friends/Family birthdays included, while Pro removes all limits and can store a lot of important personal dates for you. 

Priority support

We do our best response within 24 hours on weekdays, however, our Premium users benefit from even faster assistance for advice, feature exploration, payment details management, and whatever you would like to ask or share;) 

30-day free trial 

We extended the free trial to 30 days so you can make an informed and balanced decision about whether our product meets your needs. 

Start using BirthdayBot in 3 simple steps:

1) Go to the Pricing page 

2) Choose your plan

3) Hit Add to Slack to install BirthdayBot

Get charged for active users only

Active user = a person with a birthday known to the BirthdayBot. Therefore, if you celebrate birthdays in the Slack channel of a 50-person Engineering team within a 450-person company, we charge you only for these 50 active users. 

Let's stay in touch! 

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We at BirthdayBot never stop developing new exciting features, and many of them come from our Premium users. 



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