Meet BirthdayBot 2.0: what's changed?

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Hey! BirthdayBot here. Here is a blog post for my loyal users (and probably future loyal users too). My team accumulated a lot of feedback and feature requests, so here are big updates and explanations of new features: 


UI/UX upgrade 

Very few celebrities admit they’ve undergone some facelifting, so probably I’m going to be a trendsetter: just go to the bot in Slack and look at these impressive Before VS After!

We did that to have better-structured app sections with the basic settings visible at first glance. 


Almost everything can be managed from Your Summary section: 

1) Go to Personal settings to manage your profile, configure reminders, add Friends/Family birthdays, or drop something to the wishlist. 


2) Go to Workspace settings if you’re an admin to manage timezone settings, birthday falling on weekends, and a lot more.


3) All features previously available via commands in Messages now can also be managed from the Home tab


Birthdays and work anniversaries are now managed separately, however, you can always switch between them with a click. Three upcoming birthdays and workiversaries are listed right at the Home tab, so you plan out office parties in advance🥳


Have questions about BirthdayBot setup?

Visit our Getting Started page for an awesome guide we prepared for you.


Birthday & workiversary cards in different styles

We updated BirthdayBot’s content and added hundreds of new birthday and work anniversary cards:


Match the content’s tone of voice with your team spirit: from 🌿neutral to 😜funny or 🌶️edgy

Create custom card packs - with images, GIFs, or text only

Match custom anniversary cards with the number of years worked to make your wishes more personalized or to announce gifts!

Celebrate in your own way: add your company name to replace the standard text with Happy CompanyXYZ-versary

…and languages! EN, PT, ES, DE, KR, JP

birthday celebrations in english korean japanese german spanish portuguese

Besides content in English, you can use birthday card packs in any of these languages: 


Portuguese (versions for Portugal and Brazil) 





🎁BONUS: double-language packs (with English) for multicultural teams. 


The feature is available in the BirthdayBot Pro subscription plan. 

Group Gift Cards


gift cards for coworkers


Here's how it works:


🤝BirthdayBot checks if the birthday person is open to receiving a team gift card.


⭐Leading up to the birthday, teammates with active reminders get a direct notification, inviting them to contribute to a collective gift card. Feel free to add a personal message!


🔔You can contribute up to the day of a birthday.  Look for the “Chip in”  button under the celebration message in this channel.


🫶 Contributions are combined to offer the birthday star everyone's best wishes and a link to the gift card marketplace.


send a gift card to your teammate with birthdaybot


They can choose from a range of vendors and charities in the US and globally, with more options on the way!


How to participate:    

1) Hit the ‘Chip in’ button from notifications or the celebration message.
2) Choose the amount and confirm the payment.
3) Participation is optional, and the amount is customizable.

Bulk upload of birthdays with a CSV file 

We added one more way to add birthdays: via a custom CSV document. 

Now you can easily generate a CSV with birthdays in any format right from your HR system and upload it. 


In-built AI will help BirthdayBot save the date correctly so that you can enjoy automated celebrations in a few clicks! The instructions are included.


Celebration channels with different timezones

For teams distributed all over the world, we added a feature that allows choosing time for reminders and celebrations in different channels. 


Also, users can adjust reminders to their preferences - it means Tokyo-based users can receive birthday reminders about their NY-based teammates within their working hours. 


The default reminder time is set according to your general Slack workspace settings. Celebrations in different time zones are available to Pro plan users. 

Brand-new work anniversary celebrations

Work anniversary celebrations are still available for Birthday Bot Standard and Pro. If your workspace is on any of these plans, you can enjoy a bunch of new features, like


- Ready-to-use or custom anniversary packs

- Linking anniversary cards to the number of years of work (which gives a lot of opportunities including automated gift announcements).


Check out our blog post on work anniversary celebrations with BirthdayBot to learn more about workiversary functionality upgrade. 

Improved Congratulation Helper 

BirthdayBot suggests some nice options if you want to congratulate your teammate in DM. Choose the text and image that you like most, and BirthdayBot will send it on your behalf.

Personal Birthdays —> Friends/Family birthdays 

New feature name - same excellent opportunity to add birthdays of your loved ones and get timely reminders from BirthdayBot (as well as to add them to your Outlook or Google Calendar in a click). 


The Standard plan includes 15 Friends/Family birthdays, while the Pro plan removes any limits

Birthday Team —> Celebration Channel

We decided that Celebration Channel is a clearer way to explain that BirthdayBot announces birthdays and/or work anniversaries in any Slack channel of your choice. 

14-day free trial —> 30-day free trial

We extended the Free trial to give you a better feel of the product before you commit. 

Here are the perks of BirthdayBot Premium plans.


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